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 In Game Rules as of 6/9/08

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PostSubject: In Game Rules as of 6/9/08   Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:09 pm


1. Disrespect toward Reyn, any GM, or any Moderators/Forum Staff will result in an automatic Ban, or 1 Day Jailing time. Harassment also falls into this category.

2. The insultion of any player will result in a 2 hour mute, or more if decided. This includes harassment.

3. Skills will not be allowed in Prontera, excluding supportive skills. I.E.: Blessing

4. Swearing, racist slang, or any other innapropriate language will not be tolerated, under any circumstances. Defiance to this rule will result in either a 3 hour mute, and if it continues, a one day ban. Chatlogs WILL be checked.

5. GMs commands, and orders are FINAL. What they say, GOES. Failure to comply will result in 5 hour jail.

6. If any alternates are used during the time of a jailing/muting, BOTH accounts will recieve a 1 day ban.

7. Botting and/or hacking isnt tolerated, as well. Players found in the act will be permanently banned.

8. Do not advertise or promote other servers.

9. If a bug is found, report it immediately. Players found exploiting a bug, will recieve a three day ban.

10. Please vend on the sidewalks of Prontera/other cities. It leaves the town with a less cluttered appearance. Smile


1. It is asked that you do not KoS (Kill on Sight) outside of War of Emperium. Should a user continue to KoS, after players have asked the user to stop, the user shall recieve a one day ban.

2. Do not vend or afk within guild castles.

3. Do not use Bloody Branches or Dead Branches within a guild castle.

4. Good sportsmanship is encouraged. Being a poor sport, may result in a mute, depending on the severity.


1. Do not ask to become a Game Master or Moderator. Such an action will immediately remove you from consideration for such a job.

2. Game Masters and Mediators will not accept bribery of any kind.

3. Game Masters and Mediators will NEVER ask you for your username/password. The only acception to this is for donation verifacation.

4. Game Masters and Mediators will NEVER support players in an unfair way, (Item spawning, increased buffs, giving them zeny.)
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In Game Rules as of 6/9/08
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