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 Blessed RO Forum Rules V 1

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PostSubject: Blessed RO Forum Rules V 1   Blessed RO Forum Rules V 1 Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 8:23 pm

Hey everybody! Due to the increasing size of our server, we want to get an official set of rules up for the forums. I can only ask that you read these rules and follow them. I WILL be enforcing them, and I ask the Moderation/GM Team to do so as well.

Blessed RO Forum Rules: V 1

Note: The forum works on a warning system. Should a member break a rule, in a minor offense, he or she will earn a warning. If the member breaks more rules, that do not merit a ban, then he or she will continue to earn warnings. A total number of warnings over 3, shall result in a ban. (I.E. Three strikes and your out!)

1. Respect all staff, in any and all of Blessed RO's communication mediums. (Forums, IRC, Teamspeak)

2. Please remain courteous and kind to all forum members, as a negative forum projects a negative attitude upon the server as a whole. Which is very bad. Sad

3. This is an English speaking server, so English would be preferable on our forums. Also, TXT Speak is unacceptable. Some shorthand is fine, but donít go overboard.

4. If you wish to bring up another topic, please create a new thread, donít derail the current one. Try not to create repeated threads. There is a search feature.

5. Please try not to Double-Post, unless you are trying to bump a topic (see the rule about Topic Bumping!). The Edit/Modify button is there for a reason you know.

6. Please try and keep everything below a PG-13 level. Any posts containing any material of a sexual or illegal nature (images, links, fiction) will be deleted and the User banned immediately. There is some leniency with posts, as long as it is below a PG-13 level.

7. Try not to swear TOO much. The occasional swear, or ****íd out message is okay, but go over the top, and your posts will be edited, and you will receive a warning via PM.

8. Should you find a post, or member breaking a rule, PLEASE PM A MOD OR GM ABOUT IT. Do not post, or create a thread about it. We want a drama-free environment here people!

9. Do not create more than one forum account. If you would like your Username changed, it can be done. This removes inactive accounts, and makes the forum seem more active and alive.

10. DO NOT, post in ANY topic that is over 3 months old. Should you be found bumping a topic beyond 3 months of inactivity, the post will be deleted, and the topic will be locked. This can bring up issues that were resolved a long time ago. Bumping to bring attention back to a topic, is acceptable as long as it is not over the 3 month period. The ONLY exception to this rule, is in the Class Discussion forums. This is because there aren't many threads in there, so most of them are over 3+ months.

11. If you wish to have pictures, or animations (.gif) please restrict them to a maximum size of 500x500 pixels, and a maximum file size of 500kb. Should your signature exceed this limit, you will be asked to change it. This minimizes page load times, and helps the forum to run smoothly.

12. Any posts intentionally causing drama will be deleted on sight, and the user will receive either a warning, or a ban, depending on the severity. Attention whoring, or posts designed to simply cause chaos upon a member's departure will be deleted immediately.

13. Withing the Buying, Selling, and Trading boards do not make posts designed to detract business from the owner of the thread. Examples of this would be: "No, I'll sell it to you for less." or "Don't give them to him, give them to me." within someone else's thread. Posts of this nature will be deleted, and the offender shall receive a warning.

14. Staying on topic is the KEY. Please, refrain from posting in threads with an off-topic post.


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Blessed RO Forum Rules V 1
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