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 How to Download Blessed RO!

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How to Download Blessed RO! Empty
PostSubject: How to Download Blessed RO!   How to Download Blessed RO! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 8:33 pm

Guide for future, we dont have capability to run the server, quite yet.


City of Heroes
The Legendary Resplendent Orion Energy - Blaster - Justice Incarnate - Level Forty - Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation
The Extraordinary Taxibot REBIRTH - Defender - Heart of the City - Level Twenty - Empathy/Sound Blast
The Xegreny - Sentry - Scrapper - Level Eight - Spines/Regeneration
The First Caliber - Negotiator - Controller - Level Ten - Illusion Control/Kinetics
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How to Download Blessed RO!
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