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 Anko - Head Game Master

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GM Anko
BlessedRO GM Team
BlessedRO GM Team

Number of posts : 38
Age : 34
Location : New Jersey
Registration date : 2008-06-07

PostSubject: Anko - Head Game Master   Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:15 pm

Well, some of the few members we have here already know me from another place and time.

Now onto the fun stuff.

~I'm a 24 year old mother of 1 child.
~I don't like fake people.
~I do not tolerate disrepectfulness from anyone.
~I've been playing RO on and off for like 3 years.
~My favorite colors are blue, black, red, white, grey and pink.
~My hobbies include: Video gaming, singing, playing RO and learning new things.

And that's it for now. More to be added later on.
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Anko - Head Game Master
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