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 Head GM Lavender

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GM Lavender
BlessedRO GM Team
BlessedRO GM Team
GM Lavender

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PostSubject: Head GM Lavender   Head GM Lavender Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 12:15 am

Like a Star @ heaven Hallo! Like a Star @ heaven

I wanted to introduce myself for the people who don't know me.

My name will be GM Lavender and I really look forward to meeting you all in game, it will be nice to meet you, and please take care of me (_ ..)_ I love you

I'll create a bullet list about different things that will let you get to know things about myself a bit better!

Like a Star @ heaven I'm 25 years old and I have a son and a family. My son is the cutest EVER! I love you
Like a Star @ heaven I am a lover of CUTE things.
Like a Star @ heaven I enjoy drawing and I want to make custom images of all the custom NPCs
Like a Star @ heaven I despise dishonesty.
Like a Star @ heaven I really believe in team work!!! So much can be acomplished when everyone bands together and can treat each other as equals.
Like a Star @ heaven Even if it's 2 am in the morning I'm still on a sugar high 100% XD!
Like a Star @ heaven I am very open minded. A story is never one sided and I won't just believe or agree on what's been told just because one view is more favored by most then by all.
Like a Star @ heaven I really love a good lulz XD
Like a Star @ heaven I'm pretty laid back for the most part and as long as we get all get along, that's what matters most.
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Head GM Lavender
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